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I thought I would bust some football and I seen this at my LCS.How did I do?

[Image: panini2.jpg]

[Image: panini1.jpg]

[Image: panini3.jpg]

[Image: panini4.jpg]

[Image: panini5.jpg]
I like both the kyle rudolphs!
Not bad! I know someone who will be after that Daniel Thomas if you're going to trade it or sell it. Wink
When are they going to have the pricing out on this?

The thomas is serial #'d 3/5 just for the record lol
I like both Kyle Rudlophs
Who are the redemptions for? Would love a shot at the raiders stuff....plmk
Can you check me for the Rudolphs, Ponder, and Allen?? My org is up to date, but my bucket needs some work, thanks!

If any are for trade that is-
Looks like the redemptions are for Vincent Brown and Bilal Powell Blue. Hard not to be disappointed with that haul in 4 boxes, IMHO. Plus were you shorted a hit? I only count 15, and there should be 16 in 4 boxes... Anyway the Daniel Thomas is definitely sweet, and the Rudolph patch is nice too!
Shorted a hit?
That daniel thomas is awesome..if its FT hit me up
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