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busy with my coins, fell somewhat out of touch with cards, Crosby saved the Artifacts but not sure how I did in the Series 1

TT: Umberger/Filatov 121/225
Autofacts: Jakub Voracek
RR: LA Kings
Parallel: Erik Gustafsson RC 09/25
RC: Joe Vitale, Brandon Nash,
Stars: Kesler, Heatley
Jersey Parallel I think: Chris Stewart /125
Patch: Sidney Crosby 15/35

UD Canvas: N Horton, Toews, d sedin
YG: John Moore, anton lander, alexei yemelin, brandon nash, adam henrique, yann sauve
YG Canvas: Brett Connolly
HH: buyck 50s, ted lindsay 50s
AWT: H Sedin, P Kane
Jersey: Js Gigure, jimmy howard
Ultimate team jonathan bernier
Nice pull on the Crosby patch.
you did well congrats
Congrats on the Crosby Patch! The Brett Connolly Canvas is a nice hit as well.

Nice connolly
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