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Full Version: Registry Update?
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What is the definitive update here? When will this site actually be migrated and when can cards be added again? With all due respect to anyone who might be offended by my plunking down a pretty fair amount of $$$ with BVG each year but I don't find my request unreasonable or justifiable to be censored just because I'm seeking an update for services that I pay for. Yes, the registry is free, but the graded cards that populate them are not.

My company has migrated PETABYTES of data and in more complex environments and the change management and communication from Beckett to its customers should be from corporate Marketing or an Executive. While I certainly understand and appreciate the moderators' efforts, I should not have to dig for answers that paying customers deserve and Beckett should not be looking for moderators to serve as first level customer service. Please, Beckett Corporate, give us an accurate timeline not on just the registry but the entire project.
(12-08-2011 01:24 PM)coimbre 21 Wrote: [ -> ]but the graded cards

Btw, do you have any more Nolan Ryans that need to be added to your registry?
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