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Inherrited a hugeeee collection of cards and literally have thousands more to upload, all really really good stuff.

Anyways, looking to trade several of my cards for ONE of yours so i can start refining my collection.

Really only looking for cards valued at $500+ only. Interested in graded 9.5 or 10 rookie cards, or older cards if graded good as well. Huge fan of the following players, aaoron rodgers, alex rodriguez, pete rose, derek jeter, peyton manning, michael jordan, etc. Mostly stars.

Send trades

Thanks guys

hey bryan,
you have some nice cards to trade but i doubt if anyone here is going to want to trade $500+ cards for multiple cards of what you are offering. i may be wrong but probably not.
with that said, check my org and see if you like anything i have, (i don't have anything $500+). if so send me an offer. good luck, joe
Thanks bud, been out of card trading for about 10 years now, and just getting back into it. Found this forum and its pretty cool. Ill send you some trades, dont mind giving up 'too much' in order to get what I want. Ill see what you have but definitely interested in peyton manning cards.
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