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Full Version: What the?
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I just made a post like maybe 2 hours ago about a problem with the trade comments function, and a suggestion for a possible feature for the site, and it appears that my post has been deleted? Whats up with that?

A few days ago, a friend on the hockey forums was saying his good-byes and that he wouldn't be returning after the new upgrades, I replied to that, came back the next day and checked my user control panel to read more of that thread after my reply, and low and behold that one was deleted too. What is the deal with you guys deleting posts? There was nothing of any harm in either of these posts and/or threads. If it was something that you guys (mods of the site) were just going to address, and answer me in a PM, then that would make sense. It appears as though that is clearly not the case.
if you have a question about a deleted thread, contact a mod diorectly. posting threads about deleted threads is against TOS, and this thread will be deleted as well
All of the current site issues are addressed in the stickies at the top of the board. Per that post, redundant threads reporting issues that are already addressed are removed so as to not clutter the board with multiple threads reporting the same issues.
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