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Well talked to Theresa over at Panini this morning and got good and bad news. Bad news is that they no longer have any Adrian Peterson Silver Phenom /49 in stock. Well that was obviously dissapointing but then I got some good news.

She said to send the redemption in and they will send me a replacement of AP and equal value which is $250! So redemption going out today and still have hope for a sick AP rookie auto.
YEAHHHHHHHHH! Told you on the box break section I had a good feeling!
Thanks guys! Definitely some good news
AWESOME!!! It's always worth trying to redeem an expired redemption Big Grin
you best send them a Christmas gift!
And so many collectors talk back about Panini. Try that with Topps, oh wait, I did and got nothing. In fact, the redemption I had expired one year ago and not like yours, 4 years ago. At least Upper Deck is doing something next month for their expired redemptions.
this is one of the reasons I will always stand by Panini and their CS ..... congrats, glad to see they took care of ya Smile
Yea there customer service was really great, now just hoping they come through with a nice card
Thats GREAT new mate Big Grin
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