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I posted this on a post yesterday on corrupt Ebayers......

"I got yesterday which was suppose to be a mint patch. I paid around 4.50 shipped. The scan on the auction didn't look this bad either. It did look fishy but this is what you get when you don't look closely and bid at the last second.....

[Image: HarryDouglasDamagedFront.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasDamagedback.jpg]

Glued on jersey (patch) and major damage on the bottom on front and back."

Here are all of the transactions after my complaint:

Dear see5enterprises2011,

I just received the item and it is horribly fake. Someone glue a peice of jersey on top of the exsiting jersey. Please refund me my money. Thanks.- kollectornet

i have not had any issues with my stuff, i will be happy to refund your money, i must have the item back so i can see , and get back with who i got it off of. once i rec. it back, i will issue you a credit on pay pal. sorry for the issue.- see5enterprises2011

I took a chance on buying the card. You will have to refund before I send back. Not taking that chance.- kollectornet

all i asked was to see, what your talking about on the card, i still dont know whats wrong with it, and asked you to send it back, and for that i get bad feedback. you want your money back, send the card back, just like i sent it out to you.- see5enterprises2011

Dear see5enterprises2011,

Here you go: kollectornet

Dear kollectornet,

thanks, thats all i asked, never thought of you showing me this way. again sorry for the issue- see5enterprises2011

Dear kollectornet,
refund was done- see5enterprises2011

It took me loading it on youtube to get a refund. Exposing these scamers really work.

Kollectornet OUT.
I don't see the issue. Its even eBay policy that a buyer must send it back to get a refund.
(12-06-2011 05:08 AM)Marinocollector Wrote: [ -> ]I don't see the issue. Its even eBay policy that a buyer must send it back to get a refund.


He doesnt have to issue you a refund until you send it back. However you should have opened a case stating it was a fake since cases now can effect their fee rate.
(12-06-2011 06:17 AM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]+1

He doesnt have to issue you a refund until you send it back. However you should have opened a case stating it was a fake since cases now can effect their fee rate.

I totally understand and really didn't have a problem with it. I just don't trust a seller after they pull a stunt like he did. I know too that ebay would have refunded me even if he hadn't. But when I tried to open up a case, it said that both parties have to discuss or work out a deal before they open a case. We did that, and we are both satisfied. I got my refund and he will get his card back later this week.
Gotta say, too big a deal is being made. I would have asked for the card back first as well. How does he know you are not trying to get something over on him?? I think you jumped a little quickly calling him the scammer. If he says he got it from someone, you might want to take him at his word, and think maybe he got conned by someone...

.. just saying, I don't see where you can know he was trying something shady....
wow, im sorry, but this just wrong.

to get a refund, you have to send back FIRST. period. it is completely wrong to ask a seller to refund first
One more thing to keep in mind. The seller might be a consignment shop (such as the one in the 40-year old virgin movie) and might not have realized the card was modified. There are a lot of consignment shops that just have a form for a seller to fill out listing the details of the item and then the shop lists the item on eBay and they take a cut of the sale price. So they really might not have known about the modification to the card, as they might not know that much about cards to begin with. It may have been that the owner of the card brought it in to see if the consignment shop could sell the card and then he could bring in more of his modified cards for the shop to sell (avoiding any eBay hassles he might run into if he was the one selling the fakes).
Agreed with the above posters.

Wal Mart doesn't let you walk into a store and say "I need a refund - AND pay for my gas money to drive back. But I don't have the item with me - I'll bring it back later."

Paypal filings will protect you, so you shouldn't have any issue returning an item first (provided you use DC of course).

Is the seller a scammer? Maybe...maybe not. But that doesn't excuse buyer responsibility either.
No need to rip him on the issue, sure you are suppose to send first, but the seller could potentially be a con artist and try and rip him off again. He was just being caution and wanted to make sure he got his piece back. If he was not sending first out of malice then that would be a different story, but he wasn't, he was genuine with the seller, created a video and sent it back, no harm no foul. Not saying what he did was the best idea as he should have just sent with DC, but still no need to flame him over it.
Messed up that you gave him negative feed back. You didn't even send him the card yet? I mean whats to say that he gives you a refund, then you DONT send card back.
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