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I have only seen a few of these an those who own them know who they are.
SO it took some haggling to acquire it but I FINALLY got one for my very own.

My 1 card that fits 4 of my PC's.

25 signed this way.
[Image: 001-6.jpg]

Thanks for looking.
Shazam! Very nice Mik
(12-06-2011 12:50 AM)mrgonzodad Wrote: [ -> ]Shazam! Very nice Mik

Thank you sir. REALLY stoked with this one. Big Grin
Sweetness Mik never seen one if those before
sweet!!!! well done my friend,nice to see it homeSmile
Pure sweetness!
Awesome! One of the best inscriptions I've seen.
wow that's hot, never saw that before
that one was in my watch list, looks like you beat me to it Tongue
Sweet card Mik!
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