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Read all the posts about the problems this site is having. I am not surprised at all. Lots of unhappy people here. Why not give us a refund?
Free week or month?
I pay for a service and I am not getting what I paid for. If the price guide is fine and not broken, why are the prices of my cards not correct?
Isn't that what I pay for, to get the correct prices on my cards? It has been days now and this is not fixed? Come on! Oh it's ok, everything is fine, nothing is wrong.....blah blah blah. Why doesn't some one step up to plate from Beckett and give us faith in this site and give us a refund?
This is frustrating friends.

What do you think Jacoby? You are the only one here who actually seems to give us the heads up a lot of the time, is it so out of line for Beckett to give us some sort of refund?
Beckett has done a couple of things that shouldnt go overlooked. They had customer appreciation month where everyday a member won a prize. Not junk either. A 1/1 Elway auto was one of the prizes. They also allowed all the members to pay the old rate for the opg before the new site launch. Basically a loyalty reward. Its not much but they have tried to make some things right.

Also the values have been messed up for 3 days and you want a free week or month? Seems a bit much. Besides all you have to do is alter the condition of the cards in your org and prices will be accurate. When they fix the issues just change the condition back to mint.
as far as refunds:

let's look at the issue:

1. trade system is not working entirely correctly. however, people can still do trades. feedback, cancelling, etc dont work

however, you dont pay for trade - and semantics about paying for org doesnt make it true. from a legal standpoint, from a standpoint of the language you agree to when dont pay to trade

so refund there? no.

2. the OPG never went down. people have to clear their cache, browsers, etc. the problems people are experiencing is i would venture 99% people not knowing how to properly take the correct steps to clear out the cookies/history/etc. so that isnt beckett's fault. there are stickies explaining it. i think it reasonable for the mods to assume people know how, or could google how to do simole browser functions

3. ORG never went down, again, a refresh issue

since org and opg were never universal issues, i dont see how a refund is in order

4. the conditioning pricing is messed up, by making it one grade higher in value for all cards

this would be your best argument for a refund. however, the beckett pricing is working fine, and that really is the backbone of the pricing.

i think there shouldnt be a universal refund. refund case by case....maybe, but i doubt it

let's see how long it takes to fix it though. that's gonna be the key. it's been a couple days.
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