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Full Version: eBay Sniping Script
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(12-20-2011 11:14 PM)abcoltsfan Wrote: [ -> ]Actually I did place a max bid for the auction in which I was the only bidder until the very last second. I think it is ridiculous for somebody to set up a computer program to watch a auction but wait till the very end and have the program bid for you. My point is if you want something. Do it yourself and place a bid whether its early or late in the auction. People can't place bids in milliseconds but computers can, therefore in my opinion making it completely unfair. Either way I have moved on a while ago, just wanted to give my point of view.

I don't see how this could possibly be unfair. Do you use a phone? Well, that's unfair because I have to communicate by talking. Technology is always improving, why not embrace it instead of deeming it as unfair? And, there are benefits to bidding late rather than early
If you placed a max bid you cant be sniped. unless he outbid you, in that case you bid to low.
(12-06-2011 09:37 AM)bigken117 Wrote: [ -> ]you know when you think you have an auction won with 10 seconds to go and somehow mysteriously you end up losing? It's called sniping. IMO it's weak.

Sounds like you lost some
We all do. Its part of the game.
Sniping is completely fair....if you set a TRUE max bid, then there's no way you can complain....a "max bid" is the price that you'd be willing to pay and not a penny more....if it goes over that, then oh well, someone wanted it more and paid more.

Sniping saves the buyer a lot of money by keeping people away from a bidding war and unnecessarily driving up the price for you.....and honestly, if you aren't around when the auction is in the final minutes, then that's your own fault for not keeping up with it. I don't actually use a sniping service....I don't trust the computer programs, though I'm sure they work. I prefer to do it manually, wait for the last 15 seconds, and then bid's not cheating, it's being on top of things and taking control of the auction rather than pissing and moaning after you lose a card because you weren't there. Everyone has lost an auction in the final seconds....I've done it many time I lost a rare reggae vinyl record 4 TIMES before I won just gotta move on and not whine about losing.
i believe there is a difference between manual sniping and using a program or script. there's a reason ebay has blocked some of these
There is nothing unfair about using a sniping program. There are plenty of them available for anybody to use so they don't belong to an exclusive club. Additionally, as some have already stated, if you placed the absolute max that you were willing to pay, then you would have lost regardless of if someone set a snipe with two seconds left or if they bid five minutes into the auction. If you're complaining about it, it's probably because you didn't actually bid your max bid in the first place and that's on you, not somebody who used a sniping program and did place their max bid.
(12-12-2011 02:11 AM)chaseonbase Wrote: [ -> ]I do agree with ben.. but its the only way to actually give you an edge from other people that use it.. Ok travis heres how it works. say for example you got this really cool card on the bay.. its set at no reserve its worth a bunch of money and you know this.. the card is currently going for 30 bucks it's got maybe an hr left and you know in your head its worth a bill or two.. so instead of you driving up the price on the auction and getting into a pissing match with someone else that really wants it. you just go to an off website and tell it Im willing to spend atleast lets say 100 bucks..and within 5ms when the auction your about to win is over. it goes BLAM!! outbids the other people and thats if the other bidders didnt put there price over what you told the website.. ta da! Its all yours. You also have options to give it a lead or bid increment so u wont lose. I probably just touched on the overall concept that you said you already know, but hopefully not. PM me if you got any questions

that's great until the other guy puts his maximum bid at $200.00 and wins it for $101.00. Come on dont be cheap, bid what it's worth and you might win the auction.
The sniping scripts has some viruses on it, so i would be careful if you download it.
(02-10-2012 12:25 PM)hurdygurdyman Wrote: [ -> ]The sniping scripts has some viruses on it, so i would be careful if you download it.


this is the main reason I don't download or use any sniping site or any other program to cheat on FB/myspace games... I did use one on myspace, until I caught a virus. Had to look hard just to get ride of it & I got the best security futures on my laptop..
Agree with what's being said here... place your max bid and let it ride. Sometimes someone else just wants it more than you do (even if you do lose by $0.01)
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