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Full Version: Finally!
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I finally found my "R". I lost the first one after bidding 20% OVER BV. This one came up with a BIN or offer and I wasn't going to let this one sit out there too long. Finally complete!

[Image: ArianFosterNameplate.jpg]

Woohoo! (First time I have ever chased the letters....)
Congrats, nameplates are fun to finish up!!
Completing a nameplate is always euphoric....congrats.

(Big words....LOL)
Wow nice!!!
This is freaking awesome man. I was sitting here looking at this and I thought to myself. Why the hell am I not doing this? I only have one card like this. It's of Kyle Rudolph and you know what. I'm going for it. Thanks man for showing me this. It's awesome. [Image: IMG_1485.jpg]
Nice! I want to start one after I finish my rainbow.
(12-05-2011 09:15 PM)superynaldo Wrote: [ -> ]Wow nice!!!

Very Nice!! Good to see an Arian Foster collection, don't see too many.
Congrats! I recently finished my Trotter letterman set after a little over a year from starting it. I know your feeling! Smile
Congrats on getting the final piece!! The nameplate looks awesome!!
Very nice. I'm working on KAEPERNICK from the lettermans set. Got 4 of the 10 so far. Fun chasing them.
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