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awhile back i expressed interest in one of the cards from his vintage 1993 playoff bust (can't remember if it were a few packs or a box). he sent me a 1993 playoff jerome bettis rookie for free!! super stoked about it, too. a great member to this card community. hey samiamryan, if i ever have a card you need just let me know!!
Appreciate the kind words. Glad to help. Ive been on the receiving end before from many other generous member of this great board. Glad to be apart of it.
Nice man!!! Another great member on here!!!
Samiamryan has been a great member from the start and this is right down his alley.

Congrats on the Bettis.
Great job samiam Big Grin WOWZERS a Bettis RC!!!
Good stuff! Or as Kat Williams would say, GOOD SHEAT!
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