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All cards for trade. Looking for 2010 Contender rookie auto's for my set and Patriots.
[Image: DSC03472.jpg][Image: DSC03470.jpg][Image: DSC03471.jpg][Image: DSC03469.jpg][Image: DSC03474.jpg][Image: DSC03473.jpg][Image: DSC03477.jpg][Image: DSC03475.jpg][Image: DSC03476.jpg][Image: DSC03478.jpg]
I'd say that was a great box! The dual autos trade/sell very well and the big materials are nice hits too. Mr.264 is doing the big materials set, he may need that one.
Mr 264 will probably be interested in that Super Patch...
Forgot to ask, do you have a needs list for the 2010 Contenders?
(12-05-2011 05:21 PM)artified71 Wrote: [ -> ][Image: DSC03478.jpg]

Wooooot! HOOK'EM!

Nice one Artified!!

I'm going to say that was an orange heavy box!! Two Mike Williams autos, two orange jerseys, and a Longhorn base & auto! Smile
(12-05-2011 05:32 PM)sconnienation3 Wrote: [ -> ]Mr 264 will probably be interested in that Super Patch...

I am. Already have a Gilyard, but ya never know. Check my bucket and let me know. Congrats on the box it was nice.
I'm interested in the 2 Mike Williams. Check me for the Contenders to see if I have any you need. Thx, Art
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