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It seems every year there is at least one player who either didn't get the chance or was injured and couldn't show exactly what they have and the next year they come out of nowhere to surprise everyone in ability and collecting value. Last year it was Blake. Who do you think it will be this year? Maybe we can help eachother load up on these players so we can all profit from their playing! My first thought would be Hassan Whiteside.

Also, I forgot to add that the players cards should be affordable now with the opportunity to skyrocket.
Honestly, I'm hoping it's Jonas Jerbko. He was out all of last year with an Achilles tear. His first year he was moving up on the ROY talk but only got up to about 8th. That summer he was getting about 25ppg a game on the swedish national team and I think like 8 rebounds. He's supposedly in tip top shape now and looking good. And on a Pistons team where both Prince and Hamilton might be gone, Gordon's been "off" to say the least, Stuckey is inconsistent, and Daye and Monroe seem to be the most stable in terms of consistency, he might be an eye opener. I don't think he's going to be a superstar, but I don't think anyone from last year's class really will be that isn't already.
Ricky Rubio...didn't get the chance because he was in spain but i have a feeling he's about to blow up...
(12-05-2011 03:07 PM)KnickerPlease Wrote: [ -> ]Ricky Rubio...didn't get the chance because he was in spain but i have a feeling he's about to blow up...

I agree but his autos are are superstar prices right now!
haha yeah thats true..there aren't many of them going around...but still i feel like you can get a /499 for like 30 or 40 exquisite is another story or ultimate collection...i think that same 30 or 40 could turn into 100 in a few months...
also if i remember correctly blake griffin cards weren't exactly being given away even tho he missed his first year...
Ive been eying a triple auto of Rubio, Henderson and Harden. I also think Harden is about to rise in value.
those are 3 good ones...
i saw that triple as well...went outside of my price range. That is a stellar card with some potential stars Smile
I hoping G.Haward. That dude went off the last 2 weeks of the season. He helped me finally witness a Jazz victory at the Staples Center against the Lakers!!!
As an OKC collector, I have seen Harden's values rise to their peak already, IMO his secret is out and he won't be anything but a third scoring option unless Westbrook leaves or plays more as a traditional PG.

I think Rubio is overrated, and will hurt his team defensively more than he helps offensively, IMO.

Jonas Jerbko, not on that team. Greg Monroe will see a rise in demand, IMO.

I like Henderson and Hayward for their potential to rise in demand.

John Wall and Steph Curry are more capable than what they have done so far. The prices and demand may not go up much more because they are high already.

Here below is a short list of the guys that I think are a steal right now and could flourish in the league this year and see a considerable jump in cardboard prices at the same time.

Gary Neal
Danilo Gallinari
Demar DeRozan
Jeff Teague
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