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Full Version: Looking to move
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Don't know how popular this card is, just looking to get rid of it. I collect hockey and would be willing to trade hockey for it or let it go for BO. It's the only single baseball card i have and its sitting on my desk like giant florescent light just calling me to look at it, but i don't want to because its baseball. But I don't want to hate it. I don't want to feel sorry for this card, just sitting there like an unloved puppy. Somebody will love it. Somebody will want it. And even if they don't, if they take it from me, I can pretend they do.

Yup. Going stir crazy. Winter hasn't even started and i'm already for it to be over. At least trading distracts me.

Picture didn't work out so well, but heres the info.
2005 Sp Authentic - Eric Chavez Auto 74/75

i've still got the picture saved to hard drive, so PM me if you want it biggggger
Attachments work here hit or miss. Much better to get a photobucket account and post your pics by pasting the IMG code they give you into your post here.
heres the photo of it. yay! got it to work.

[Image: chavez.jpg]
bumpy cake!
i will take it lol
i've still got it, all offers have fallen through i guess. anybody? anybody?!
i have some hockey but its not on your want list
(12-10-2011 04:20 PM)giants1957 Wrote: [ -> ]i have some hockey but its not on your want list

i'll take a look, as far as wants or not wants go, this card i have is a no want, any hockey is a want. so anything comparable will be fine with me Smile
This card is sad. Apparently nobody wants to love it. Oh well. Bye bye card. To the never to be seen bottom of the box you go.
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