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Full Version: Card shop trip
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So been to the card shop a few times this week here is what I've gotten as of late:

Pro debut:
Zach Britton GU
Nick Franklin GU
Kyle Greenwalt Red auto numbered to 199
Thomas Field Auto
Matt Abraham black printing plate
Bryce Harper blue

Tier one:
Derek Jeter blue #Ed to 199
Thurman Munson
Christy Mathewson
Troy Tulowitzki
Jordan Schafer auto #Ed to 999
Brad Hand #Ed 999
Paul O'neill single jersey blah #Ed 399

2011 good win champions
Animal Kingdom patch jaguarundi
Larry Bird GU
Angela and Amber cope auto

Thanks for looking and best of luck with the breaks guys!

All are for trade looking for Ozzie smith, happy holidays.
I have stoops cognac Ozzie if interested
Nice pull on the goodwin box those animal patches sell well! Can we a scan of it?
I wish I had an Ozzie for the Jeter!!!
Check me for the Jeter. I have some Ozzie.
Yankee pride I could use that ozzie, jdberia, ill check you up thanks guys, ill try and get a picture of the animal patch.
hey oz fan, i have some ozzie's that u may want. i will send a trade ur way and see if u like it.
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