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So, I stop in to buy a few loose packs of random product, baseball and football, and I pull nothing besides a couple of serial #ed cards. 4 packs of 2011obak baseball to go, I pull a cut sig of Ernie banks, # 43/50, in my last pack, nothing, so I thought. For some reason I looked at the back of a mini card inserted into the pack and I see an auto, on the back of the card. And it is #ed 1/1 And personally I am not familiar with the player, but judging from the bay he is popular... His name is Paul Goldschmidt... So from now on I will be sure to look at the back of the cards.
Very Lucky! Scans??
(12-03-2011 09:29 PM)beginesj Wrote: [ -> ]Very Lucky! Scans??

I will try, never had any luck figuring how to post to this site.
If post them to photobucket then use the imag code.
I have only seen that one other time and it was football. joe Theisman.
I too bought 2 boxes of the Obak. First box was outstanding second not so great. I will post scans tonight. The second box I could have passed up But I will post the hit in both boxes.
Wow, nice pull for a couple of packs.
never saw a 1/1 obak before, but i have a mike stanton 1/5
(12-03-2011 10:40 PM)giants1957 Wrote: [ -> ]never saw a 1/1 obak before, but i have a mike stanton 1/5


Hey, I figured it out, hope you enjoy the pics.
Very nice, congrats on the pull
So thats what's a 1/1 looks like. Very Nice and cragts again man!!
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