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Full Version: Certified Box Break
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Better than some I've seen...

[Image: 2011-12CertifiedBreak.jpg]

The Hall is out of 25 and Okposo is out of 5.

Mason out of 25 WOULD have been a good pull 2 years ago. What the heck happened to that guy?
Nice Hall! Would you be willing to trade it?
(I doubt I have anything you would want but no harm in asking)
you did very well I think..... i am staying away from this product this year... it is a shame as there is 3 cards for me to chase in it
very very interested in the ben scrivens!!! please let me know!
Sweet hall
Wow that's 10x better than the box I opened today. My fabric of the game cards were Kris Draper and Caron from Boston, not really top dollar cards.
id be interested in the FLeury
Nice hit on the Hall. It seems Mason problem is mind over matter. Needs to step up or get use to being a back-up the rest of his career.
Interested in the Scrivens,
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