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So a few months back, I bought 3 boxes of Press Pass Fanfare and got dealt a redemption that produced this 8x10-


So today I get my 1 box of 2011 Press Pass Showcase that I just just bought on a whim. I was looking for Jeff Gordon but instead. . . . .

First pack got me this!!!- 12/25


Books for a pretty penny =D
Yet ANOTHER great pull!!! Congrats plact! I'd LOVE to pull a Danica AU of any sort, but you just seem to keep coming up with the sweetest Danica pulls. Again, CONGRATS!
Very nice!! Don't think I'll ever be able to afford a Danica Auto card - great pull!
Awesome pulls. I'd love to have a Danica autograph in my collection someday as well. I wouldn't be able to afford one so I sure hope I can pull one sometime Tongue
Sick danica patrick
Thanks alot! I never even expected to pull 1, let alone 2! However, I'd much rather have a nice Jeff Gordon auto/patch instead. I'm not complaining my any means haha. She's just not exactly who I'm looking for.
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