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Full Version: showcase 2011
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I need some help guys(& Gals) i'm looking for card #57 (RCR drivers) to complete my showcase 2011 set ( all base ,Showroom and champions) I have been searching the web and can't find one for sale anywhere will trade for it or buy it outright, also always looking for FanFare blue autos and di-cuts
I wish I could help. I didn't buy any Showcase packs or boxes this year. Even though they were selling much cheaper than years past, I didn't have as much money to spend on cards as I did in the past few.
I did send the Lofton Fanfare Blue AU to you today though. You should have it on Monday (maybe Tuesday). Good luck with all of your sets!
i have a box of 2011 showcase and 2011 fanfare arriving on wednesday... i will keep u in mind
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