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I have a couple of trades that I sent first and still have not received my side of the cards, both trades are marked as shipped as of 3 weeks ago but I was not provided a DC for either one. I been kind of getting short answers when it comes to getting information on the cards. Now I am new, but the people I traded with are not and have a whole lot of trades under their belts......what to do? do I wait a little longer? Do I assume they sent it by pony express?

Just don't want to make waves while I am still learning to tread the waters....LMK
I would start to contact him more, that is WAY to long. It may have gotten lost in th mail like one of mine, but they returned it back so I trying to get this guys updated address. I might even get the mods involved if I were you.
3 weeks is way too long. If you cant get an answer very soon contact a mod.
imo, 3 weeks is way to long, established trader or not
shouldnt take longer then a week even for snail mail
Contact a mod!
That whole hitting ship thing is a common thing now. I have had several trades here lately that the other trader hit shipped and then wait till they get your stuff to ship out.
I recently had an issue with someone hitting ship....telling me that they had shipped. And then two full weeks later when it arrived, it had been post marked 10 days after they had in fact clicked on the ship button. To add to that. That post-mark date, was 3 days after they had acknowledged receipt of my freebie laden package. More over they shafted/shorted me and still haven't taken care of it....despite saying that they would....

This started a month ago in my case......

Still waiting buddy.................................
*Sigh*...Talk about disrespect! If I ever run into a prob on my end, I always contact the other person. Things work out much better when we communicate with each other and it can make a sour situation palatable..
Im just here to say I mark as shipped when I but the final tape on the bubblermailer. It may take 2 or no more than 3 days to actually SHIP, but I use it to make sure i packed it up.
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