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Was hoping to try a Longevity Target box, but they didn't have any.

Here are the hits.

Absolute Memorabilia

War Room Stevan Ridley
Rookie Jersey Collection Andy Dalton

That's the second Jersey Dalton I've gotten from this. Since I don't need two, whoever comments first that they want it gets it.

As for the SP Threads, this is the only hit.

Game Day Gear Kevin O'Connell. Cool.

All are for trade, except for the Dalton which will go to whoever says they want it first.
wouldnt mind trading you for the Dalton! Lmk what you need for it. Thanks!
I want the Dalton Smile
(11-30-2011 01:34 AM)Dfclifeline Wrote: [ -> ]I want the Dalton Smile

Sorry, I actually am sending it to jpcisco! But I would be willing to trade the other one I have for Ponder or Eric Decker if you have any.
Sweet dalton
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