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OK guys and gals... I need your help! I have been working on this set for the better part of a year, and I am down to just ONE card left...

2010 Topps Magic Pigskin Minis /50


If anyone has this card, you are holding a $20 bill in your hand, or whatever you need (within reason) in trade for it.

I am also picking up as many Suh's (yes, still...) from this set as possible.

I know that Branesergen is the resident Magic guy on here, but he and I have made a few deals and had plenty of convos... don't worry. I am not trying to steal cards from him.

He and I are both working on the jerseys /25 set, so if you have those, PM me about them too. He has my needs list, and I have his.

Either way, please PM me with any info you have on this card. Thanks!
wow bud congrats.. i finished the base and like 20 white minis away from that.. people started wanting way too much for all the sps so i kinda let it go.. maybe i should at least finish the white set
thanks! I may have a few of the SP minis, so shoot me a PM when you get a chance!

OT, love the banner.
up we go!
Congrats on being down to one!!!

Finish it up soon!!
(11-30-2011 01:07 AM)ricky williams 34 Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats on being down to one!!!

Finish it up soon!!

I'm working on it!!! A little rough considering that Brane and another guy on ebay are working on the set too, but at least Brane is being a nice guy about this card.
to the top! help!
Brandon. Freaking. Gibson.
Nice site man im currently making mine
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