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Hey everyone, I read these forums all the time and had always hoped that I would pull something worthy of posting. Well, it happened today.

Super quick 'back story' before the main event — about a month ago I bought a blaster of 2011 Bowman Chrome from my local Target. I pulled an on-card auto in bold blue Sharpie of Washington Nationals prospect ... AJ Cole.

I was like, 'ha ha ha, that's freaking hilarious, Topps!'

The Cole went REALLY well with all the Nationals prospects parallels that I had pulled earlier this year out of regular Bowman, like Tyler Moore, Sammy Solis, etc.

You name it, orange parallels, purple refractors, those ones with the maps in the background ... Basically, every variation of every Nationals rookie except for Bryce Harper.

So, fast forward to today. I'm in the same Target, and I notice one lonely blaster left of 2011 Bowman Chrome.

Seeing as how I had busted a total of three and had not pulled any of the big prospects, I thought it would be cool to pull a Harper, Brett Lawrie, etc.

About the third pack in, Magglio Ordonez of my Tigers (PC) is the top card, and as pull it back I see the Nats logo on the prospect card in the middle.

I'm like, it better not be Cole, Moore or Solis.

I then pull it up from the bottom and see 'outfield,' then I see 'Bryce Harper.'

So I'm already stoked that I finally pulled the prospect card.

But, it's also a Refractor.

I pull the Ordonez all the way off, and I notice ...

It's signed.

Yes, I pulled a Bryce Harper Prospect Auto Refractor, numbered 341/500.

I almost passed out, seriously.

I've been buying blasters for about 15 years from the two Targets and the Walmart in town, and I have never even pulled anything close to as good.

I think I'm going to retire from blasters, because I will never pull anything like this again.


[Image: Harper1.jpg]

[Image: Bryce2.jpg]
congrats man! i always enjoy hearing about retail mojo
(11-28-2011 09:35 PM)sastahl Wrote: [ -> ]congrats man! i always enjoy hearing about retail mojo

Thanks a lot, Sastahl. I've actually been on fire like the last week and a half, and it's been totally random and unheard of in my largely average and unremarkable collecting career.

Hence, why I'm retiring while I'm on top:

— Last weekend, grocery shopping at Walmart: Two Topps Chrome Football rack packs left, I'm not going to buy them, but the guy in front of me seriously takes like 20 minutes to check out. Of course I talk myself into buying them ... I pull a Cam Newton Orange Refractor on top of the free 3-pack, regular Cam in one of the packs ...

— Tuesday at other Target in town: One random blaster of 2011 Score Hockey ... hockey is my distant fourth favorite sport, I seriously buy like two blasters of hockey a year just to pull any Crosbys (Crosbies?) or Stamkos(es)? — I pull a Ryan Nugent-Hopkins short print rookie card ...

— Friday night, same Target, one blaster of Absolute FB on my lunch break — Cam Newton Rookie Jersey Collection, in my opinion could be the nicest looking Cam jersey card this year.

I know, I know, I usually want to punch people like me on these boards (or at least ask them to pick my boxes) ... I'm DEFINITELY quitting while I'm ahead.

Take care, man ... RJ
Congrats man!!
nice pull! is it for trade?
(11-28-2011 10:19 PM)ja1091 Wrote: [ -> ]nice pull! is it for trade?

Sorry, man, I think I'll hold on to it. Maybe for like, SP Authentic auto patch rookies of Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson (LOL), but I don't think the trade value works out well on that.
Congrats. Way to go!
Congrats on the great pull. I think my best pull from retail pack is a 1998 bowman best gold refractor of Griffey and that on beats me by a looooong shot.
Congrats again
Very Nice hit! Sounds like you might want to play lottery with luck like that!
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