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Ok i finally made one that looks perdy good, i didnt realize how tough it was to try and squeeze 3 guys in a banner lol, but here it is:

[Image: tampa1.jpg]

If you need the original to resize to the way you like it or work on it yourself here it is:

[Image: tampasample2.jpg]
ok i got that backwards the original is the first one lol, it was almost 3 or so and i was falling asleep
The bottom half of the banner is awesome, you did an excellent job. The Luke Stocker seems a bit out of place, but other than that, amazing work!
Hey man that is awesome...thank you very much
Thanks guys, I enjoy doing these here and there, its just a frustrating and very detail consuming task...perfect for me!lol, glad you like it card ripper, let me know if you need help resizing it or whatever
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