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Full Version: FINALLY!!!!!
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Well after losing one for $125 last week and one for $130 half an hour ago I figured it was time to up my bid if I really wanted one so I maxed my bid to $150 and .. well ... see for yourself lol
LOVE IT!!! Great pickup buddy Smile
Glad you finally got that bad boy out of the way
Great card, it is one of my favorite of Bradford!
and you got it at a better deal then the two that got away. good things do come to those who wait. congrats
Thanks guys! I was starting to doubt my auction abilities lol.
Awesome snipe! You could have had it for $65 if only those two other guys didn't snipe as well! Would have been sick! grats!
Way to go.... excellent pickup.... How close are you to the regular auto set now?
Well Im very happy for you bro. Nice Bradford pickup!!!

But I lost this tonight and havent gotten over it yet...didnt even place a bid because the price jumped with seconds left over my max sad...
Scratchii - Thanks! Yeah $65 would have been nice lol - I had it for $100 when my bid went thru but somehow in the last half second it went up lol

Ftball - Thanks! I honestly have no idea lol Still alot of big names I need for the auto set. Elway, Tebow, Emmitt, Matt Ryan, Marino etc etc lol There are 200 autos - Just went and looked haha I have 115/200. Still a looonnggg way to go lol

Baker - Thanks! Man I didnt even see that Ricky! Good thing I would have went broke tonite hahahaha. Man that is a sweet card. I'm sorry for your loss!
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