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[Image: DAVIDPEARSON20116.jpg]
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I know you cant read the s/n but the blue motorsports masters is 1/1
Nice sure jump on those printing plates quick!
Wow! You have tons of unique cards of him. Do you have a count of how many total you have?
Beckett says there are 472 of Pearson. And Im sure thats accurate cause they never miss any. LOL
The 'Silver Fox' one is pretty awesome!
I havent counted yet but am going to when I get my 2011 legends caught up. I do know on my website i have 8 pages with 40 images each [minus a couple] so thats 320 plus the 2011 i havent counted [ i do know i have 30 getting ready to be signed]

that doesnt count my plates. The one small issue with the press pass list is the plates and diecast are included. i am not a fan of plates and do not count them as cards. i do pick them up when i can but they are not the same to me. i also know i have at least 10 or more cards they do not list that should be included
Great pick-ups, Michael! I really like #'s 7 & 8 in your scans.
i have mailed off 25 cards to him to be signed in the last four days. Still have 12 more to be signed. Thats not counting the 99 percent complete second set [minus autographs] that i have already placed in pages. pictures coming when all signed cards are in
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