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It's been a looooooooong 3 years since I started this project but I was able to get the "S" for Mike Jenkins' 2008 Donruss Threads Rookie Class. All I need now is the "I" until I have EVERY Cowboy Rookie Class nameplate.

[Image: Jenkins.jpg]

Once this one is done, I can add it to these:

[Image: Stanback.jpg]

[Image: TashardChoice.jpg]

[Image: FelixJones.jpg]

[Image: StephenMcGee.jpg]

[Image: DezBryant.jpg]

[Image: DeMarcoMurray.png]
Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!
wow is all i can say lol
(11-27-2011 01:57 PM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]wow is all i can say lol

That was what I was gonna say!
very nice!! I will keep an eye out for you!!
You have the coolest collection of cowboys nameplates i have ever seen hands down. You know you can always put me down in your will for that murray nameplateWink
Thats really cool! Can't wait to see it done!
Wow man that is awesome! Could be using players from a better team, but oh well Wink Just playin around with you, I really like the Dez & Murray nameplates, sick stuff man!!
Now I know who kept beating me out for the Demarco's on ebay....LOL
Those are AWESOME Big Grin
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