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During my search for the top 50 LAKERS AUTO cards... I cam across a lot of old players never signed any cards & there are no cut autos of them either.

Who else never signed cards?
What players only signed a few cards... (say under a 100 different cards)?

First one that comes to mind is Shawn Kemp. Beckett only lists 5 different cards. Two serial. One in SKYBOX USA 1994. The other four are from 98-99 & 99-00 skybox. Actually there are only two cards, with two blue versions.
** anybody know why Shawn Kemp has so few auto cards? **

SHAWN KEMP - 21 different autos (correction 21 autos, not 5)
NICK VAN EXEL - 5 different autos
CHARLES BARKLEY - 13 different autos
CHRIS WEBBER - 14 different autos
EDDIE JONES - 51 different autos
KARL MALONE - 65 different autos
** only one in a lakers uniform (dual auto with kobe) 97-98 stadium club
looks like shawn kemp has a few other autos that didn't show up when I did my initial search.. like SPA 10-11 sign of the times & 99-00 Fleer Focus Fresh Ink... kemp probably has more autos.. beckett inventory search didn't show the others in my original search.
Patrick Ewing has less than ten officially licenced autos. Jalen rose has about 15 or so, Detle schrempf has very few auto's well. Don't know about other players.
just did a check on the data base and corrections to my above statement are needed. Patrick ewing has about 21 AU's and detlef schrempf has 40. Jalen Rose has over 100 - so i was wrong there. I know John Wallace has very limited number of AU's as does mario bennett. Don't know about Lamond Murray and Charlie ward having autos though.... Ward maybe, Murray however is doubtful.
I dont think AC Green has too many autos at least until last year he didn't. I have one if interested.
Shawn Kemp with 5 HAS TO BE WRONG.

He has an autographs in:
1997 SPX
1992-93 Fleer
1996-97 Upper Deck (I have this one graded)
1996-97 UD3

(and these are just off the top of my head!)

Funny thing is, I have all the above mentioned players signatures.

Some other tough ones are:
Dave Bing
George Mikan
Wilt Chamberlain
Scottie Pippen
Allen Iverson
Tim Duncan
Charles Oakley
John Starks
Robert Horry
(None! for Scott Skiles!!)
Manute Bol
Dan Marjele
Ron Harper
Paul Arzin

(be adding more later!)
funny.. when I first searched Shawn Kemp autos on beckett.. it said 5.. now it says 21.

I have a Robert Horry gold Standard auto..

shawn kemp -21
robert horry - 33
Manute Bol - 20 (only found 06-07 thru present)
Rik Smits only has seven entries in the database, although if you take out the variations (Autographics vs Autographics Blue 2x and Topps vs Toppcs Chrome) he really only has 4 different auto cards. He also has only six GU entries, of which two are variations...
(11-26-2011 01:08 AM)jpleazme805 Wrote: [ -> ]KARL MALONE - 65 different autos
** only one in a lakers uniform (dual auto with kobe) 97-98 stadium
Actually he was in his Jazz uniform on that card. He didn't join the Lakers until 2003. That Stadium Club card is a Co-Signers auto with Malone on one side and Kobe on the other.
Jeff Hornacek only has 46
John Stockton used to be very tough, but now he has over 500.
djohn ... thanks. I didn't even realize that could of been the case. I didn't watch much BB those years.. I assumed he was in a lakers uniform, since kobe was on it..
another player with limited amount of autos...

Reggie Miller - 80 auto cards ... no new autos after 2003-04
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