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Full Version: Need some help
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Hey Racing members

I have the opportunity to pick up a nice card, but I was told the pricing of the card is N/A. I don't have the Full Beckett Pricing, and I'm ok with buying the $0.50 for it, but I don't want to waste it if all its going to show is N/A. Could someone tell me if there actually IS pricing for this card?

1997 Ultra Update Autographs #2 Dale Earnhardt SR.

Yes there is a price on it in there. Mind if I ask what you were able to get it for?

I'm in the process of getting it, I wanted to know what the trade value would be on it.
actually it would be 6.00 to get the price. you have to buy in units with 6.00 or somehting like that being the minimum. that will also pay for a opg for the month


i cant give you the bv because they will suspend us for doing so. however the average dale sr autograph non cut, non number 3/????, is around 200.00
thats actuall sales price not a book value
There is a value listed for the card...if you purchase the single card opg you'll be fine.
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