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If any of you have the Retro bug and are interested in some older CCG cards I have a lot to trade from the following games;

Hyborian Gates
Illuminati: New World Order
WCW Nitro
2003 Yu-Gi-Oh Pegasus Starter Deck 1st Edition

I can supply lists of what I have if your interested.

These may also interest some;

1997 Magic the Gathering Vanguard #5 Ertai
2002-2011 Yu-Gi-Oh Promos #JMP-5 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
2002-2011 Yu-Gi-Oh Promos #JUMP6 Unity
2002-2011 Yu-Gi-Oh Promos #SP2-1 Ancient Lamp
2002-2011 Yu-Gi-Oh Promos #JUMP10 Toon Dark Magician

I will trade for hockey cards, so LMK via PM if your interested.
I like your Vanguard cards, check my Org. For them. Thanks.
Looking for more trades.
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