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Full Version: What to break?
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Considering ordering a box off of the Panini website so I can get a few Black Friday packs and have a chance at hitting one of those sweet Aaron Rodgers cards. Not a great chance, but I guy can always hope.

Right now there are 5 different football products that you receive Black Friday packs with ranging from $96-120. I think I have narrowed it down to 3 and was wondering what everyone thought.

2011 Elite (4 Black Friday Packs)
2011 Crown Royale (4 Black Friday Packs)
2011 Rookies & Stars (8 Black Friday Packs)

Is it even worth the chance or should I just take my $100 and put it towards a higher end Packers card since that is what I am chasing anyway?
Maybe just buy a Rodgers when they hit the bay. I think they are going to be at least over 100 though.
I say invest the $100 in a sick card for your PC... Packs just aren't worth the gamble IMHO...
Man, that's a tough call, Alan! There's a lot of sweet Packer Super Bowl stuff in those Black Friday packs!
(Chewing fingernails...)
Well if you're choosing between those three I'd buy Crown. Not a fan of R&S and I haven't seen much Packers love from Elite. But that's just my opinion of course. Whatever you do good luck man.
I would go with Crown too.
I have some nice crown royal cards and i gotta say they were very well made and in mint state leaving manufacture so go for them bad boys. Cant give my opinion on the others yet
Yeah it is going to be a tough call, but I'm pretty confident that I will go with Crown if I decide to get a box. Thanks for the input everyone!
This may be kind of a dumb question, but how does a person get a hold of a black friday pack/box?
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