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just in case I dont make it on here tomorrow, I want to wish all of you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving! EAt some turkey. Watch some football. Fall asleep during Cowboys/Dolphins in order to stay up for San fran/Baltimore. Happy Thanksgiving!!
Same to you and yours....enjoy buddy.....(0:
Thanks, you too! Gotta root for the 49'ers tomorrow! Bengals need some help getting back up to the top!
Thanks,after LSU shreds the Hogs to bacon bits Friday it will be a great Thanksgiving.Happy Thanksgiving to all!!GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!
ya ya, you wont catch me falling asleepWink Thank you and have a great turkey day plans exactly. sleeping during the cowboys game
(11-23-2011 03:31 PM)CowboysFanatic Wrote: [ -> ]ya ya, you wont catch me falling asleepWink Thank you and have a great turkey day

Even if its 45-3 Cowboys lol. Dolphins been playing better but Dallas always plays well on Thanksgiving. A hot team against a luke warm team. Most likely a snore game. Of course being a Giants fan and seeing them lose would be great Wink but not expected. Just hope that game is going to be as good as the other 2.

But most importantly I do hope everyone does have a great Thanksgiving and thanks for the return Happy Thanksgivings.
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Hope you have a great one. Gooooo Niners!!!
Happy Thanksgiving ! I am actually home for this one
a Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends here on Beckett Smile

actually took the day off (had some personal days saved up Smile) just to watch the Lions ROAR !!! Smile

I hope you all have a great day spending it with your families and friends and please remember don't drink and drive.

pbean and pbeanjr
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