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Pulled this one and you can't beat three starters on one rookie auto!!!!
Paid $175 for this one 3 months ago but now it's going for much more-
Pulled this one-

Show em' off guys!!!!
You can see 42 QB autos here. Here are some others NOT from my PC --

[Image: a1998edgeodysseyleaf.jpg]
[Image: a2004bowmanschaub.jpg]
[Image: a2004upperdeckfoundationsbollerrivers.jpg]
[Image: a2010epixorton.jpg]
[Image: a2010playoffcontendersclausen.jpg]
[Image: a2011leafmetaldraftdalton.jpg]
[Image: a2011presspassnewron.jpg]
[Image: c2010donrussclassicsroethlisberger.jpg]
[Image: c2010playoffnttittle.jpg]

Oh yeah... Who can forget this guy?

[Image: a1998upperdeckencoremontana.jpg]
ADB- Can you check me for that Schaub if it is FT?
[Image: scan.jpg]
I love QB collections. Here are mine. Most at least. 53 of todays best and yesterdays greats!
I'm done scanning for the night. I'll just put this one up for now:
[Image: IMG-20.jpg]

That's right.....four, count em FOUR touchdowns in one game in high school football. The man, the myth, the loser. I give you....AL BUNDY!
Heres my better PC QB'S-
[Image: 10-28-2011115821AM.jpg]

[Image: 1-30-2010102751AM.jpg]

[Image: 1-30-2010102620AM.jpg]

[Image: 5-16-201120600PM.jpg]

[Image: 6-1-201121922PM.jpg]

[Image: 9-28-201133726PM.jpg]

[Image: 7-31-201185249PM.jpg]

[Image: 10-14-201143141PM.jpg]

[Image: 10-14-201143003PM.jpg]
[Image: FoutsChargersNT.jpg]
[Image: RiversPatchAuto.jpg]
[Image: scan0003.jpg]
[Image: RiversAutographics.jpg]
[Image: scan0010.jpg]
[Image: FoutsDucksNT.jpg]
[Image: DixonRookiesAndStars.jpg]
[Image: scan0036.jpg]
[Image: JStewDixonCollegeTies.jpg]
[Image: DixonSageSilver.jpg]
[Image: DixonSageSquared.jpg]
The only QB Auto I own!

Also,It's for trade for an Emmitt Auto I don't have!!!

[Image: scan0011.jpg]
[Image: DSC04564.jpg]
[Image: DSC04113.jpg]
[Image: DSC04569.jpg]
[Image: DSC04560.jpg]
[Image: DSC04556.jpg]
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