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Dizaaaam, lookit them emmitts!!!

I cant pass up a good chance to show off some more my demarco's, so here they are
[Image: demarco1.jpg]
[Image: murrayTDking.jpg]
[Image: Demarco29.jpg]
[Image: dmac2929.jpg]
[Image: demarco292929.jpg]
[Image: demarco299.jpg]
[Image: demarco2929.jpg]
In the spirit of chasing perfection, some guys who weren't perfect but still better than 99% of everybody else.

Paul Hornung Press Pass Top25 Au 61/75

Paul Hornung Saturday Sigs Au

Paul Hornung Legends of the Fall Au 39/71

Hornung Bio Inside 7/99

And the guy who is better than 99.99999999% of evrybody else

Ron Dayne '99 Heisman
You realize you have the freeman in your rb auto viewing request Smile
[Image: ryanamthewsP.jpg]

[Image: moreno.jpg]

[Image: morenoside.jpg]

[Image: peterson.jpg]

[Image: galesayers.jpg]

[Image: dfad08_crop.jpg]
I have others, but these are pretty cool...

[Image: a2007playoffcontendersjackson.jpg]
[Image: a2007toppspetersonlynch.jpg]
[Image: a2008donrussplayoffwalker.jpg]
[Image: a2008upperdeckdraftrice.jpg]
[Image: a2011donrusseliteingram.jpg]
[Image: a2011donrusselitemendenhall.jpg]
[Image: c2010bowmansterlingjones.jpg]
[Image: c2010paniniplatesandpatchesspiller.jpg]
[Image: c2010playoffnthornung.jpg]
[Image: c2011toppsplatinumthomas.jpg]
The Mendenhall is #04/10.
Some RB PC

[Image: dub.jpg]
[Image: AP.jpg]
[Image: sanders.jpg]
[Image: lt1.jpg]
[Image: ltbush.jpg]
a few more
[Image: download24.jpg]
[Image: download23.jpg][Image: download22.jpg][Image: download21.jpg][Image: download20.jpg][Image: download19.jpg][Image: download18.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0001-2-2.jpg][Image: IMG_0003-2.jpg][Image: IMG_0004-1-1.jpg]
[Image: fb1.jpg]

[Image: 2011-09-01074733.jpg]

[Image: fb9.jpg]
A few of my nicer Rb autos

[Image: PriestHolmes3of25.jpg]

[Image: LarryJohnson6of25.jpg]

[Image: 003.jpg]

[Image: JCharlesJHester28of206001.jpg]

[Image: inside001.jpg]

[Image: mccluster9of25001.jpg]

[Image: 192of349001.jpg]

[Image: 13of15.jpg]

[Image: 154of299001.jpg]

[Image: 14of199.jpg]

[Image: 47of299.jpg]

[Image: 315of499001.jpg]

[Image: 128of499001.jpg]

[Image: 49of499001.jpg]
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