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Full Version: need help with PMing
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How do you PM a member if they have not had any posts. I have tried to contact members that I have trades with but unless they have at least one post you cannot pm them. the message button in their profile is for email and most of the time the member does not want to receive emails. If they have had at least one post, you can click on their name and it sends you to the page where you can see the PM button or view profile button but you cant if they havent had a post.
which member
ksureed, he has 263 trades, but no posts, I left a message for him on the trade, but cannot pm him to find out why he has not sent my cards. Beckett needs to come up with something that shows you have trade offers or meessages when you sign on, like highlight the trade tab or something. As it is right now you dont know you have a trade offer unless you click on the trade tab and you dont know you have a message unless you click on the forums tab.
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