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I had to make a new thread - the other refused to let me add to it. I have made some real progress. Base is complete! Final Red is on the way Smile Only need 7 more Blue!

Base - complete
[Image: base.jpg][Image: base2.jpg][Image: base3.jpg][Image: base4.jpg][Image: base5.jpg][Image: base6.jpg]
Red #/100 - complete
[Image: red1.jpg][Image: red2.jpg][Image: red3.jpg][Image: red4.jpg][Image: red51.jpg][Image: red6-1.jpg]

Blue #/50 - need 7 as of 1/25/13
[Image: blue11.jpg][Image: blue12.jpg][Image: blue13.jpg][Image: blue14.jpg][Image: blue15.jpg][Image: blue16.jpg]
Green #/25 - need 10 to complete. pic not updated
[Image: green.jpg][Image: green2.jpg][Image: green3.jpg]
Black #/10 - need a bunch, but pic is current
[Image: black21.jpg][Image: black22.jpg][Image: black23.jpg][Image: black24.jpg]

Finally finished the jerseys!!!!
[Image: jsy1.jpg][Image: jsy2.jpg][Image: jsy31.jpg][Image: jsyprime11.jpg]
I am not going to try and complete the autos, but will pick them up as I can
[Image: Autos1.jpg][Image: autos221.jpg][Image: autojsy1.jpg][Image: autojsy2.jpg]
I am still a ways from completing the whole sets and appreciate any trades that will get me closer. Thanks for looking Smile
I also have a lot of doubles, autos, jsy, whatever. If anyone is interested.
Awesome stuff, I've always loved this set
(11-19-2011 03:55 PM)biglump007 Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome stuff, I've always loved this set

Thank you! It has been fun to build...turns out I am compulsive lol
(11-19-2011 03:56 PM)younglover Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you! It has been fun to build...turns out I am compulsive lol

Lol welcome to the OCD club meet out founder Chibears
Dang, Those look awesome all together like that, YL! Sick, sick set. Keep up the good work!
Love this are killing it!!
Great stuff younglover!!! Looks great all together like that and I'm glad to see you plugging along!

It's been nice to be able to contribute to your project!!
WOW, younglover!!! Very, very impressive. Set collectors are so hardcore. Love the look of this set you're putting together.
I have this one listed on the bay....PM me if you need, I will pull

Starr 299/299
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