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Full Version: Regrading
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When you send a card in for Beckett to regrade , they send you back the little white piece of paper with circles that show the areas of imperfections.
However they do not remove the card from the original slab. How can they do an effective review without taking the card out of the casing, especially for area such as surface grading? Thanks
Well reason I started this thread is because I sent a card in to be re-slabbed because the case cracked in lower left hand corner (I have no idea how it happened). Please see photo. So since I was sending it in to be re-slabbed I also figured I would have it regraded. BGS did the regrade but they sent the card back to me in the same broken case. I got charged for both the regrade and the re-slab on my bill. Honestly I couldn't make this up if I tried to. How dumb can you be?

[Image: photo33.jpg]
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