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After my big hit with a Legends blaster and all the great hits with Chrome Blasters on here I decided to try another one as the last two hobby packs I got weren't worth crap. I also tried my hand at three rack packs. I don't think I did bad.

Serialed Refractors
[Image: ft-chromebb-colored.jpg]

Orange Refractors
[Image: ft-chromebb-orange.jpg]

Regular Refractors
[Image: ft-chrome-refractors.jpg]

[Image: ft-chromebb-xfractors.jpg]

[Image: ft-chromebb-inserts.jpg]

These are all for trade and I think I got all of them put in my ORG for trade. If you don't see something let me know.

Thanks for looking.
Nope. i wouldn't say you did that bad at all.
Not bad
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