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So I'd read the awful reviews of the product and wasn't planning on getting any when I went to the card store tonight. Then he had it for cheap, so I gave in and bought a couple of boxes. The owner had read reviews that said it was a bad product, so he cut prices as he'd overordered and was afraid of getting stuck with it when the price inevitably fell in a couple of weeks.

So after pulling a Belt in the first box and a Hamilton Tier One in the second, I was pretty content with the product, and then he offered me a wicked price on a 6 box case from a new 12 box case. I gave in, and I'm glad I did.

Here are my hits, minus a Jordan Zimmermann auto that got traded before I left the store. Koufax will be hitting the bay, as that should just about cover what I spent on the 8 boxes, leaving me with a lot of useful trade bait basically for free! I'll get the rest up as soon as I can. Cheers, and comments are always welcome.

[Image: tier1-1.jpg]
[Image: tier1-2.jpg]
[Image: tier1-3.jpg]
[Image: tier1-4.jpg]
nice stuff, i could use that braun. Lmk thanks
Did you happen to pull any Jeter or Ichiro base?
I could use the Santana and the hami can you give me a look?
I could use, I want, can I have...........I'll say it since nobody else can seem to, nice Koufax. He's one of the most highly sought after players on the insert auto market. The Hamilton and Belt were nice additions as well.
Interested in the Pujols or ARod if I have anything you can use
Sweet sandy
I'm interested in the Pujols GU, Pineda auto, and Pujols, Hosmer, and Moustakas base.
Check me for the Belt, and Brandon Crawford auto please!
Love that silver sig on the Koufax!
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