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2009 Exquisite Rookie Signature two-color Patch 5/99
[Image: IMG-20111116-00863.jpg]

2009 SP Rookie Authentics Auto two-color Patch 797/999
[Image: IMG-20111116-00866.jpg]

And my favorite of the three
2009 Elite Status Gold Auto RC 11/24
[Image: IMG-20111116-00865.jpg]
I think that last Nicks would look better in my Tarheels PC Tongue
Did you see my new Nicks addition in box breaks from 2011 absolute memorabilia? It was a sweet addition to my Giants collection. You def got some good ones!
Sweet cards!! I really like that Gold Status Auto!!

I have a pretty sweet Nicks pc myself.
Here is some of my other Nicks stuff..

2011 Rising Rookies Playmaker Rainbow

[Image: 2011Risingrookies016.jpg]
[Image: 2011Risingrookies017.jpg]
[Image: nicks25of25.jpg]
[Image: nickspatch25.jpg]
[Image: 2011Risingrookies018.jpg]
that 1st one, the exquisite, that is awesome sauce!
Nice stuff!
I like that playmakers lot! Looks like you've got'em all except the 1/1...
(11-17-2011 06:56 PM)lambeau legend4 Wrote: [ -> ]I like that playmakers lot! Looks like you've got'em all except the 1/1...

Yea, if ya see one let me know, lol....
a couple more

[Image: NewcardPics125.jpg]
[Image: NewcardPics124.jpg]
[Image: NewcardPics101.jpg]
[Image: NewcardPics100.jpg]
[Image: NewcardPics099.jpg]
[Image: NewcardPics098.jpg]
[Image: NewcardPics096.jpg]
[Image: NewcardPics095.jpg]
[Image: nickspics016.jpg]
[Image: nickspics015.jpg]
[Image: nickspics014.jpg]
[Image: nickspics013.jpg]
[Image: nickspics012.jpg]
[Image: nickspics011.jpg]
[Image: nickspics010.jpg]
[Image: nickspics009.jpg]
[Image: nickspics008.jpg]
[Image: nickspics007.jpg]
[Image: nickspics006.jpg]
[Image: nickspics005.jpg]
[Image: nickspics004.jpg]
[Image: nickspics003.jpg]
[Image: nickspics002.jpg]
[Image: nickspics001.jpg]
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