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Well just got back into collecting hockey cards recently and these are the first Artifacts I've broke open. I like the looks of them and i think I did ok.

[Image: hockey.jpg]

[Image: hockey1.jpg]

[Image: hockey2.jpg]
Nice break! If that Zetterberg/Holmstrom is for trade, I'm interested.
Sorry thats the only one not for trade lol. I'll keep my Wings. But the rest is available for a little bit until I throw them to ebay. If I don't have it listed just PM me.
I need the redemptions and your RCs, please check my bucket and send me a pm.
not too shabby of a break
Check me for the Ovi.
Alto4life I sent you an offer.
did they mix up the jersey and patch on the Gaborik?
The Gaborik is purty...let me know if you see anything for it?
may be interested in ovi jsy, eberle jsy, and gaborik patch, LMK


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