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Full Version: Dolphins mail.
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Hey all. Got a few things in in the past 7 days. Still trying to add another full sized game used jersey to my PC. Would make 2 from the DOlphins but the owner doesnt want to budge much.
Anyhow. Here are the card adds. LMK what you think. As always looking for Dolphins autos and stuff. Thanks.

********** Willing to trade cards for game used full items in football *********

1st a few TTM's
This one came in the other day sent 584 days. Guess it got lost at his place as i got a return from him a few months back in around 70 days.
[Image: fuadttm11-16-11.jpg]

then this a quick one to ESPN in CT and back 8 days.
Mike Golic. X2
[Image: golic1ttm11-16-11.jpg]

Few more autos for the all time dolphins PC and just adds.
Steve Slaton (2011)
[Image: slatonatuo11-13-11.jpg]

This one had eludied me for quite some time as i always got out bid on it.
1991 Ferrell Edmunds
[Image: Edmundsauto11-13-11.jpg]

Picked this up at a show last week.
Edmond Gates #/1000
[Image: gatesatuo11-13-11.jpg]

Vontae Davis #/299
[Image: VDeliteatuo11-13-11.jpg]

Koa Misi Red #/249 (have the silver and gold as well)
[Image: misiredauto11-13-11.jpg]

got this as a freebie from Divino thanks man.
#/25(only missing the gold and reg ref for the rainbow. Smile
[Image: odrickredref11-13-11.jpg]

Then a add from Topps Vault.
1/1 Cameron Wake blank back. (have almost all his cards made missing mainly the plates and few from score)
[Image: wake1-1TV11-13-11.jpg]

Got this at the show as well. Great deal and his best XRC.
Pat Devlin Exqusite #/99
[Image: devlinexqusite11-13-11.jpg]

then not dolphins but i won a door prize at the last card show and was able to pick an item. Well this was a 2 item lot
Jose Conseco Auto ball and card. He played for the redsox for a short time so this will be in my redsox baseball PC. the auto card will be for trade or just sit in the PC. either way i am ok with it.
[Image: consecoautoIP11-13-11.jpg]
Oh Jose Canseco. If only he would have kept quiet. I am a huge fan of his, and have a collection to prove it, but his mouth sure put a huge decline on his value. Congrats on all the pc stuff.
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