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I recently called panini about some redemptions that were long overdue. They said that even if u mark down 4 months or 8 months if u do not call them and tell them u want the card replaced or u would rather wait for it they will assume that u are going to wait for it. Well i had them replace one it was:

2010 plates and patches taylor price RPS namplate /25 (I decided to wait on the Eric Berry just like this)
replacing it with
2010 Playoff National Treasures Notable Numbers Signature Materials
Brent Jones 17/25

Is this good? Opinions would be apreciated thx
I always wait.
I think it's a trade up. Good job
Yeah good trade. Taylor Price is a bust!
Taylor Price for Brent Jones = GOOD JOB!!!
Wow I did not know you had to call them I have been waiting on a Crown Royale Trent Williams Auto. Maybe I should call them and have this thing replaced.

Just called them got an answer on the first ring. Lady stated that I can have it replaced since they are still waiting on the auto. Says they go by Beckett Book value. Really glad it does book for $20. Wonder how they meet that requirement if its a card that doesn't book. Says they would give me a random Auto that books the same. I asked if I could ask for a specific player she said no but that I can ask for a certain team. So I asked for The Panthers. Here's hoping I get a David Gettis card.
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