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Full Version: My latest pickup
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trying to build up my football collection. Pretty happy with the price.
thats a good deal, congrats
VERY NICE!! I love the design of those cards! Congrats on the great pick ups!!
thanks fellars. ive been wanting a Moss auto and I love the set, especially since its the gold version Smile I wonder what it books for?
It's a nice card for sure...
It books at $120, great pickup bud!
(11-16-2011 01:53 AM)BauerNYJ Wrote: [ -> ]It books at $120, great pickup bud!
thanks man!!! you sure thats the gold version, not the regular?
Nice pickup!
Gold /84 books at $120 Big Grin nice pickup again bud
(11-17-2011 01:47 AM)BauerNYJ Wrote: [ -> ]Gold /84 books at $120 Big Grin nice pickup again bud
thanks again, thought itd be more than that but im in love with the card, so it doesnt matter Big Grin
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