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New Years thread-revival bump!

Low-end or high-end, I'm really not too picky as long as it's one I don't have as I'm going for supercollector status. Made some nice trades and picked up lots of nice Richmonds through the year last year, hoping to do the same this year!

Happy New Year everyone, and send me some offers!
I used to collect him so I have heaps. Sold most of the high-end ones like Credentials, Star Rubies etc but have a whole load of commons, parallels and inserts.
Only problem is that I'd pretty much only want to sell them and shipping from New Zealand would be expensive...
same here.
Not new to beckett just new to trading.
I have:

1992-93 Upper Deck #45 Mitch Richmond TC
1992-93 Upper Deck #162 Mitch Richmond
1992-93 Upper Deck MVP Holograms #23 Mitch Richmond
1992-93 Upper Deck Team MVPs #TM24 Mitch Richmond
I've got these here

2000-01 Topps Heritage #169 Mitch Richmond
1990-91 Fleer #67 Mitch Richmond
1993-94 Topps #280 Mitch Richmond
1990-91 SkyBox #100 Mitch Richmond
1991-92 Upper Deck #265 Mitch Richmond
1994-95 Fleer #195 Mitch Richmond
1991-92 Fleer #71 Mitch Richmond
1990-91 Hoops #118 Mitch Richmond
1994-95 Flair #128 Mitch Richmond
1988-89 Panini Stickers Spanish #185 Mitch Richmond
1998-99 Topps #169 Mitch Richmond 2000-01 SP Authentic #89 Mitch Richmond

Funny enough I'm actually also after 1994-95 CC Gold sigs...
@9293 I need both the TC and the base but have both the inserts. Not sure if that's enough to get a trade going but I'll check your org for anything else I might need and get back to you.

@folkertino I need the 93-94 topps, 94-95 fleer and the panini sticker. I'll get a trade going in a bit.

Thanks to you both for responding!
no probs,

I actually set up my trade away list as i now know how it works a little bit better.
Let me know how you go
So are you interested to know what I have or are you not wanting to buy (or deal internationally)?
(01-06-2012 09:10 PM)hairyangryfella Wrote: [ -> ]So are you interested to know what I have or are you not wanting to buy (or deal internationally)?

I've traded down to Australia a couple times so that's ok, but if they're all base it would take at least 15-20 i don't have just to be equal in bv to how much it would cost to ship them (costs between $12-15 here, not sure what it would be down there). If you want shoot me a list, if there are enough I need I would consider buying.
another revival bump! I checked each of the 9 old-school Mitch autos individually and not a single registered user has ANY of them, so apparently I own the only Mitch Richmond auto from 1997-2001 on the Beckett site. I still want to achieve supercollector status though so if you've got any old school Mitches let me know!

I'm debating whether or not I want to start going after his post-retirement stuff. If somebody's got something nice I'll surely consider it though so show me whatcha got!
Ive got base from the early 90's I can send ya.I'll look for them tomorrow.i know I have a crash the game gold or silver for ya.He was good enough that when I was little I seperated his stuff so i'll look to see what I can send your way!
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