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Cyber - triple is PC for the set.

Tel - Thanks!
If the Lt/Greene is Fs/Ft check and see if I have anything you like if not send me a price thanks
Sorry man,they are both needed for my set
(11-15-2011 10:58 AM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]Wendy - Gronks over here whispering *buy me I'm cheap!*

You're suckering me more by the second... I think it has to come home. Wink
He said he wants to go to your housr. Hes begging lol
DANG!!!! Nice haul brane I am one of the ones that buys some of certain products . I am also the one that will trade certain ones for other things. I have that 1/1 sage of daniel up ft because I honestely HATE sage and press pass.... I just got it for a unbelievable price! I collect mallett the most and right now its the same exact thing.... I have 2 of the topps prime ones I picked up for $14 each and 2 R&S team logo autos for $20. The next day I see them going for $28-$38 for 1.
What are you looking for on the Sage?
Idk maybe a nice mallett hopefully or something like that
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