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Yea I hear you. You are the only one on DT that I know of. That is kinda why I went with Dez cause nobody else went that way but i know i am still fighting people for them, lol!! The lastest trend, every since i announced i am exclusively collecting Dez, every auction just about has a reserve or at least 50% of BV to start bidding. I am sure it is a coincidence, but still. Get them DT's now cause you can count on if somebody sees you after them, somebody will start going after them too! Smile
Yeah there is already 3 others that I know of Sad Its really wierd cuz I cant place what they are going after yet lol. Some cards go for waaayyy too much then others go for wayyy too little lol. Example - /500 Auto, no jersey just plain auto sells for $45, 15 others sell for $10 the /75 sells for $35 while the same card /50 sells for $15 but then the /5 laundry tag only went for $33. I have like 7 chrome autos that I paid under $10 for and the SP refractor auto that I paid $15 for yet people still push his Chrome to $20 at times. Makes no sense lol Then once someone sees that $20 they want $20 for theirs when there is 17 on ebay for $10! LOL
Oh yeah and one of them is trading Daniel Thomas for Daniel Thomas and its not his dupes its his whole collection! And when he gets a new one he trades it!
It sounds like you are up against some amatuers!! Lucky for you, lol!! You know the newest thing is gonna be way over priced, I just let the dust settle then strike!
I am getting killed with the reserves and high starting bids, over 50% bv in most cases to start. That is F***** UP!!
Yeah mine will be there soon enough lol
Love the Lt Triple and the Lt/greene
(11-14-2011 07:53 PM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]So as it turns out if you make a list of cards you need or own you should follow it - I already had the Barden Chrome, Gronkowski Chrome, Tittle and Choice :| Well I guess I have some trade bait lol

I was watching that Gronk. Bought something else from the same seller...thought long and hard about bidding on it too! LOL Wink
Thanks WJ! You just made me realize I did pick up 2 LT autos lol

Wanna buy it Wendy for $30? Tongue
(11-14-2011 11:37 PM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]Wanna buy it Wendy for $30? Tongue

Don't tempt me. LOL
im guessing that Y.A. Tittle is a PC card hu?
I could really use that if its tradable
I'm tempting Wendy - $28! You know you wanna! But thats as low as I'll go Tongue lol Better let me know or I'm gonna offer it on that Bradford 9.5 lol

Marino - It is actually a dupe so yes it is available. I'll check you tomorrow for it as I have been up since 3pm yesterday and cant really think straight lol
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