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Alright, so I busted 3 boxes of O' Canada, 2 boxes of 11/12 Artifacts, 1 box of 07/08 Artifacts and a 2 box mini case of ITG Ultimate Memorabilia 11th edition. Heres are my pulls, I feel I did well. Everything is FS/FT currently for the right offers; PC material.

NOTE: I can not add more cards to my Organize because I do not have a subscription with Beckett currently and have not paid the $20. I plan to do this within a month so bare with me.

[Image: 4e5c27f5.jpg]

[Image: 27a3912b.jpg]

[Image: 76f792eb.jpg]

[Image: 235991b3.jpg]

[Image: ba7bf00a.jpg]

[Image: 2de66198.jpg]

[Image: 6ac273df.jpg]

[Image: 55c73f6e.jpg]

[Image: 975c0ab4.jpg]

[Image: 667728ad.jpg]

[Image: a464b4cf.jpg]

[Image: b30e705e.jpg]

[Image: d6318e75.jpg]

[Image: fa3ef554.jpg]

[Image: 6f4430d8.jpg]

[Image: 8f597635.jpg]

[Image: 25cbf0f6.jpg]

[Image: 6679a1f7.jpg]

[Image: a77b6ed1.jpg]

[Image: f191936e.jpg]

[Image: 0a2bbd36.jpg]

[Image: 5c4489a1.jpg]

[Image: 8ed59313.jpg]

[Image: b97b112d.jpg]

[Image: 0a0b9d56.jpg]

[Image: 5a1ee01f.jpg]

[Image: 5438fe07.jpg]

[Image: 9597063b.jpg]

[Image: ba30c438.jpg]

[Image: cb3c001c.jpg]

[Image: d7283c06.jpg]

[Image: d8563c07.jpg]

[Image: fe647ebf.jpg]

[Image: 0557d7dc.jpg]

[Image: 6ba83a6d.jpg]

[Image: 21eb9bc8.jpg]

[Image: 26b9e4c0.jpg]

[Image: 969252b4.jpg]

[Image: b2a1a8b3.jpg]

[Image: 917f9598.jpg]
PM most definitely sent!
Nice breaks! That Staal stick is off the richter scale, i reckon it looks SICK!!
[Image: b720a5d4.jpg]

[Image: 60d33a3e.jpg]

[Image: d7881c4f.jpg]

[Image: d8163c02.jpg]

[Image: 4832b292.jpg]
Absolutely awesome hits. The ITG cards are amazing and the Flyers dual tag is sick. Congrats on your breaks.
I don't collect Hockey but I love the cards, they are always awesome looking. The Flyers dual tag is sweet!
wow just wow

sweet tag

and the UM11 stuff just blows my mind away!!!

Wow that Flyers dual tag wasnt up when i look - that is awesome... Great stuff!
Wow, great stuff! Love the Lundqvist & Bure. Congrats on the amazing haul.
fantastic pulls, congrats! i would love to work something out for the Brayden Schenn if it's available. thanks for sharing your awesome breaks.
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