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My baby's getting big...

[Image: elite059.jpg]
[Image: elite058.jpg]
[Image: elite057.jpg]
[Image: elite056.jpg]
[Image: elite055.jpg]
[Image: elite054.jpg]
[Image: elite053.jpg]
[Image: elite052.jpg]
[Image: elite051.jpg]
[Image: elite050.jpg]

[Image: elite049.jpg]
[Image: elite048.jpg]
[Image: elite047.jpg]
[Image: elite046.jpg]
[Image: elite045.jpg]
[Image: elite044.jpg]
[Image: elite043.jpg]
[Image: elite042.jpg]
[Image: elite041.jpg]
[Image: elite040.jpg]

[Image: elite039.jpg]
[Image: elite038.jpg]
[Image: elite037.jpg]
[Image: elite036.jpg]
[Image: elite035.jpg]
[Image: elite034.jpg]
[Image: elite033.jpg]
[Image: elite032.jpg]
[Image: elite031.jpg]
[Image: elite030.jpg]

[Image: elite029.jpg]
[Image: elite028.jpg]
[Image: elite027.jpg]
[Image: elite025.jpg]
[Image: elite023.jpg]
[Image: elite022.jpg]
[Image: elite020.jpg]
[Image: elite019.jpg]
[Image: elite018.jpg]
(11-12-2011 09:11 PM)giantfan270 Wrote: [ -> ][Image: elite043.jpg]

Great stuff Ron!! Can't wait to see you finish grading them all!!
Beautiful looking collection. The Eli Manning auto is a big time card.
Awesome PC!!!
Thank you gang!
Looking great, that whole set next to each other has got to be a really cool sight
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